“Great job. The entertainment value alone would have been sufficient, but we loved how you adapted your message specifically to us. You didn’t just motivate, you inspired!”

Greg Vines

Director of Growth, Cingo


Dear Brothers of the Peace Project,

Welcome to all of you. We are writing to you from a prison in Michigan, USA. Kit Cummings calls us the “Mighty Men of Muskegon.” Yes, we are tattooed on Kit’s arm, but it is Kit’s 40 Days of Peace Program that has left a permanent mark upon our lives.

Kit Cummings has been coming to our prisons for 4 years spreading his message of peace, freedom and prayer to hundreds of inmates. Through Kit’s help we have replaced violence with peace, hate with compassion and retaliation with communication. We seek to understand and listen to our adversaries before we judge and disrespect them. We learn that peace is an inside job and that Hope is the New Dope!

Before Kit came, many inmates felt lost in the chaos of our prison’s violence. In prison, we are taught to maintain respect through violence, to trust no one and to live only for ourselves. Kit showed us through the lives of the world’s greatest peacemakers that many of their greatest achievements began with a single action of peace. One example was Cesar Chavez who achieved great social and work reform for US Latino workers through aggressive yet peaceful measures.

Now, when we walk in the yard, we see our fellow brothers of the Peace Project wearing the wristbands and we talk. We have found a new brotherhood of men who want to get more out of life. We want better marriages. We want to be great fathers. We want to experience hope and freedom. We want to live with peace in our hearts and lives.

Things are changing here in Michigan. With Kit’s leadership, they can change for you, too.

Hope is the New Dope

The Mighty Men of Muskegon

– D – Unit –

Kit is a power-packed stick of dynamite. He’s fun, thought provoking and engaging. His delivery is personal and meaningful and in perfect alignment with what our firm holds true. Kit has the perspective, energy and delivery to significantly alter perspective within any organization. He’s the perfect springboard for taking your organization to the next level. With proper mindset, purpose and action plan, ANYTHING is possible. Thanks Kit!

Rick Hale

Multiple Operating Partner, Keller Williams

Thank you Kit. You may never know how your words are encouraging and changing many lives all over the world; I am one of those that you affect positively. God bless you.

Rachael Njeri

I have been in Sales for 30 years and spent thousands on seminars, books and tapes. I was also an instructor for the Colorado Association of Realtors. Your presentation was the BEST I have ever experienced… You motivated me to ACT!

Carra Riley

Author & National Speaker/Radio Host

Kit Cummings spoke for our Organization, National Association of Professional Mortgage Women Atlanta, and he was a HIT!!! People were talking about his presentation for weeks after! He knows how to get the crowd involved and inspired! Kit has an open invitation to speak for our group and we certainly hope to see him again next year!

Alexandra Radford

Morris, Hardwick & Schneider

Your seminar today was one of the most inspiring three hours that I have spent in my industry. You helped me understand what makes me tick! Now I am going to put your techniques into action to create a higher good for my clients and myself. Thanks again for a terrific workshop on how to deal with stress and turn it into positive energy.

Gary Mesnick

Maximum One

You were awesome as our guest speaker at our Corporate Retreat last night, Kit. You did a FABULOUS job! I laughed and laughed and could not stop writing your great ideas and thoughts down. The world does need people who come ALIVE and you are one of those people. May the blessings keep coming!

Marci Fair

Operating Partner, Keller Williams

Your CD message ‘Unshackled’ is the most moving and inspirational message I have heard in years! It’s not unusual for me to cry; what IS unusual for me is to cry for 10 minutes during a message– thanks, you moved me! Buy Kit’s CD and you will be blessed.

James Lloyd

International Speaker & Author

Kit has a fantastic delivery and creates an amazing connection with his audience. His message is fun, optimistic and very impactful. It takes a lot to impress me, and I am encouraging each of you to offer Kit’s course in YOUR next seminar.

Shaun Rawls

Multiple Operating Partner & Regional Director, Keller Williams

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