Tonight was a truly magical evening, joyful tears… For years I have been dreaming of reuniting with some of the brothers who were a part of the original twelve, who started this POPP movement at Hays State prison back in 2010. All those brothers have been scattered to other prisons around the state and I didn’t know if I would ever have the opportunity to truly thank them and share with them all that they had done, and the impact that they have made all around the country and even overseas. We worked together for several years building this program which has changed so many lives. They did the hard work and in many ways, I got all the credit. They changed my life forever and are my true heroes, as well as my blood brothers. Tonight I got to speak at Walker State Prison and see them again and tell the whole story in front of all their brothers wearing white with the blue stripe— and show them all the POPP pictures from around the world. God works in mysterious ways: if they had not been on the journey that led them to Hays State prison, then I would’ve never known them, and they couldn’t have changed my life. Maybe one day we’ll look back and get to see all the connecting points and truly appreciate His mighty miracles. I am forever grateful to my brothers in white.

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