In tandem with the Power of Peace Project’s Protect the Dream Campaign, this workbook leads athletic programs to fulfill this outreach through powerful messages from iconic coaches and athletes. Each featured highlight is supplemented with thought-provoking exercises meant to encourage team building, character growth, and strong leadership skills. Protect the Dream challenges youth to dream big and never stop. How far will you go?


Kit takes you on a forty-day journey seeking spiritual breakthrough together with seven new steps that lead us to look for God’s answers on a daily basis. Many people pray. Many people even pray daily. And some pray daily and really cry out to God. Why then, are so many “church folks” so stressed, worried and fearful? Why are so many Christians filled with doubt and dread, when they are consistently praying to God?


Unshackled takes us on the spiritual, emotional and psychological journey of a modern day prodigal son. Primed to be one of today’s spiritual leaders, Kit Cummings’s success as a minister ill prepared him for the dark turn his life took. Plagued by an addictive past, confronted by a disillusioned flock, and angered by a seemingly absent God, Kit left the shelter of God’s arms for the chains of worldly pursuits. Unshackled is the true story of one man’s spiritual search that became inextricably linked to an unlikely group of random individuals on the road to Redemption.


Kit’s style is engaging, entertaining, and highly inspirational with powerful take-aways. He promises his clients laughter, goosebumps, and maybe even a few tears of hope and courage. Whether delivering motivational keynotes for corporate events, teaching workshops at seminars, or preaching powerful sermons at Church conferences, Kit always comes through for his audiences. Participants leave inspired to rise above the negativity, drama, and worry that is spreading so rapidly in the current market, and focus on what they truly desire rather than what they fear. Your people will learn to dream big dreams, with actionable roadmaps, and to protect those dreams/goals/business plans from the “Dream Killers” your competitors fall prey to. Teams learn to resolve conflict, build stronger unity, and utilize their collective energy to blow past team goals and objectives. Book Kit for your next event, your team will be buzzing about his message, and they will never forget it. Dream a BIG dream for your organization, and Kit will help you achieve it!

Here are a few of Kit’s most popular presentations


  • “When You Win, I Win”
    Learn how to effectively resolve conflict, and pick up powerful tools and techniques to win your opponents over for a true win/win outcome. “If you lose I win” is not sustainable, and a weak strategy for failure. With Kit’s proven approach your clients will become partners, your team will come together, and seemingly unachieveable goals will become reality.

  • “The Powerful Pull of a Daring Dream”
    Learn to dream BIG dreams, and utilize the POPP Creation Process: Desire, Intention, Imagination, Language, and Massive ACTION. Apply this system to construct the outcomes that you desire, and design reliable roadmaps to victory and success.

  • “The Fascinating World of Uncle G”
    Learn to manage your most valuable asset: your Brain. Discover how to reprogram this fascinating organ to work for you, rather than against you. Either you use your brain, or it will use you. Apply this process to literally rewire your brain for powerful breakthroughs and new levels of success.

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Kit is very relatable, and teaches from experience, not just book knowledge or theory. He has coached some of the toughest clients imaginable, through some of the worst storms in life. Kit’s coaching clients learn to uncover and dismantle the things that are blocking their power and stealing their motivation and drive. Together, they build a roadmap to where they want to be, and intentionally program the internal GPS to arrive at the destination of their dreams. The key to his approach is called Power Coaching, and the platform that Kit created is called Attitude Science. Business plans fail because of a lack of follow-through (power) and sincere desire is blocked by internal messages that are not in line with what you say you want. Attitude Science is the study of how we see the world, and how adjusting our lens through which we view opportunities, threats, possibilities, and the future can radically alter our behaviors and mindset. Through Kit’s Power Coaching program utilizing his Attitude Science platform, his clients break through barriers and obstacles, and are set free to chase their wildest dreams with true passion and POWER.

Kit’s Coaching Programs and Forty-Day Projects


* Business Coaching Package: Forty Days of Purpose
Break through the Barriers which are holding you back in your business and career. Low Drive, Poor Follow-Through, Laziness, Procrastination, Lack of Purpose, Low Energy, No Passion, Unproductive Habits, Lack of Discipline, and more. We will tackle whatever is holding you back from being the very best version of yourself!

* Spiritual Coaching Package: Forty Days of Prayer
Break through the Barriers which are holding you back spiritually. Blaming, Complaining, Excuse-making, Hypocrisy, Prejudice, Self-Righteousness, Bitterness, and more. We will dismantle destructive habits and rebuild a sound foundation. Go to a place spiritually that you have never been before!

* Athletic Coaching Package: Forty Days of Power
Break through the Barriers which are holding you back athletically. Learn to discipline the mind and win the mental battle before you ever take the field. Learn to access that elusive “Zone” that you hear great athletes talk about, as you connect Mind, Body, and Spirit. Realize your true power and unlimited potential! (also available for Coaches)


  • Please contact us for pricing options, and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Kit!