On MLK Day, January 20th 2020, the NAACP presented Kit Cummings with the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Living the Dream Award” in recognition of Kit’s contribution to civil rights. It was a complete surprise to him, as they had tricked him and told him he would be speaking at their annual Gala in order to make sure he was in attendance! It was one of highlights of Kit’s thirty-year career, as Dr. King has shaped his message and built the foundation for his work in the field of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Below is his expression of thanks.

“I want to sincerely and humbly thank the NAACP for graciously honoring my work with the ‘Living the Dream’ award. I couldn’t be more grateful, as Dr. King changed my life and is one of my true heroes. To accept this on his behalf on HIS day means more to me than you can imagine. I AM living the dream, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. Huge thanks to NAACP past president and matriarch Deane Bonner, and current president Jeriene Grimes for partnering with the Power of Peace Project and helping to advance this very important work. Much love and mad respect!” Kit

Kit joins the Georgia House of Representatives Gang Prevention and Intervention Commission

Representative Carl Gilliard (D- Savannah) is leading the State of Georgia to take a hard look at how they are addressing youth gang violence. Kit Cummings is one of the experts who will help shed light on effective ways to take on this growing community threat. Kit serves on the Georgia House of Representives HB750 Gang Prevention and Intervention Commission. Kit’s field of expertise comes from the last twelve years working in prisons, schools, and the faith-based community bringing rivals together and teaching conflict resolution, cooperation, and reconciliation skills. Having proven his program’s effectiveness by bringing rival gangs together in prisons across the country, and in Mexico, and creating a significant reduction in prison violence, Kit will now turn his attention to Youth Gang Prevention on the streets, in the schools, and in juvenile detentions. We must block the pipeline from schools to prisons, and that is one of his primary missions. We must interrupt and redirect this brilliant, but often misguided, young generation and set them firmly on the pathway to extraordinary dreams.


Kit has joined a new Cobb County Juvenile Courts program that seeks to block the pipeline between schools and prisons. In response to rising gang-related offenses in Cobb County, Juvenile Court Judge Wayne Grannis has established a new specialty court called R.I.S.I.N.G. This court will assist first-time, gang-related offenders and high-risk youths, and offer counseling services and life skill resources to them and their families. R.I.S.I.N.G. stands for each phase of the program process: Rebuild, Invest, Support, Integrate, and Graduate. This new accountability court will involve ongoing collaboration with local law enforcement, school officials, the District Attorney’s office, and other support agencies. Kit brings twelve years of experience working in the toughest prisons with rival prison gangs, and his extensive work in schools with at-risk youth, to catch these kids before they make a big mistake that sends them away for a very long time. This second-chance program can become a model for incentive-based corrections and restorative justice, and will give these kids a chance to have all their charges dropped upon completion of the twelve-month accountability process. It’s time to interrupt and redirect a young generation who are lining up to go to prison. Help is on the way.

Dr. Bernice King and the King Family Endorse Kit’s Award-Winning Book ‘Peace Behind the Wire’

Kit was invited to take part in the festivities at the King Center for Nonviolence in Atlanta to honor Dr. King’s 87th birthday. Kit’s award-winning book “Peace Behind the Wire, a Nonviolent Resolution” was featured, and the King Center held a book signing for Kit, along with Dr. Bernice King and her latest book release. The Power of Peace Project was discussed on a special panel in Freedom Hall, and other King family members also participated. The King Center now carries “Peace Behind the Wire” in their bookstore, and has embraced this important book. Now more than ever we need to bridge the divide in our nation between race, religion, politics, economics, gender, and law enforcement. Kit has now taken his Community Peace Initiative to Selma, AL to fight for this beautiful, iconic, civil rights town. Rest in peace Dr. King, your Dream lives and the March continues!