Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project

In 2010 Kit founded the Power of Peace Project. Using the experience he gained resolving conflict in some of the most dangerous areas in the world, he applies his principles to bring about change in prisons, schools, corporations and the faith-based community. On MLK Day, 2020, Kit was recognized by the NAACP receiving their Martin Luther King, Jr. Living the Dream Award for his contribution to civil rights and his work with at-risk youth and prison reform. He was also appointed to the Georgia House of Representatives Gang Prevention and Intervention Commission as a result of the passing of the anti-gang bill HB750 under Chairman Rep. Carl Gilliard. The majority of Kit’s work now focuses on interrupting and redirecting under-served youth. Kit has been in over a hundred prisons, jails, detention centers, and rehab facilities and worked with over ten thousand prisoners and offenders. He has journeyed on tours through Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, and has negotiated peace between some of the most notorious gangs inside the U.S. prison system. He delivered an address about his powerful peace projects at the Gandhi Global Peace Summit in Durban, South Africa to representatives from the Gandhi, King, and Mandela organizations, as well as other iconic peacemakers from around the world. Kit has taken his Forty Days to Freedom program into dangerous La Mesa prison in Tijuana, Mexico to teach prisoners nonviolence, as well as working with addicts and at-risk youth in some of the toughest areas of that cartel war-torn border city. Kit has planted seeds of peace all around the world. Kit has authored six books, including the award-winning Peace Behind the Wire, a Nonviolent Resolution which has been endorsed by the King Family. His latest book, The New Convict Code, Bringing Peace to the Streets from Behind the Wire, flips the script on prison reform and aims to shatter the pipeline from schools to prisons.
Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project
Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project3 hours ago
It has been a year and huge progress has been made with the boys at Eastman. Stay tuned for more info coming soon on the program surrounding the 7 POPP Anchors I created to promote change and transformation AND the major celebration these boys get to have on October 18th!

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Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project
Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project22 hours ago
Throwback to last year: DJJ embraces POPP programs; testimony inspires lawmakers' support. A HUGE update coming soon on the incredible progress that has been made with this program since last year.

What a tremendous time for the Power of Peace Project. Under a twelve-month agreement with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), I'll be working in Georgia's toughest juvenile facility for the next year.

Commissioner Tyrone Oliver and members of the board of the DJJ voiced support for our "Reward over Punishment" principles when I presented before them recently, and I found support among members of a Georgia House panel during recent testimony as well. Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice

It’s time for a change. Click on the link below for the full story from the newsletter:

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Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project
Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project2 days ago
It has in fact paved the way back to health and happiness. You need only listen. Sometimes we have so much stress and chaos in our lives it's difficult to hear. Wisdom Wednesday has to do with our connecting to our inner-self.

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Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project
Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project3 days ago
This is part of #3 of 7 POPP Principles: Walk a mile in your enemies shoes before you judge him. These seven Power of Peace Principles have become the foundation of the POPP movement and I talk about them and how they have worked in The New Convict Code.

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Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project
Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project4 days ago
Today let's visit the story Convict Poker at Angola, an excerpt from Laughter, Goosebumps and Tears. Would you be brave enough to be the last person at the red table - what motivates your bravery?

Kit has a diverse background to speak on many topics, has several interactive programs and travels to any destination. To hire Kit to speak at your corporate event, government organization, church or school, visit

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Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project
Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project1 week ago
Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Let's look at things through a different lens today.

The first 6 principles of the Attitude Science Kit Developed in teaching his programs.

Principle #1
What I seek is seeking me.

Principle #2
I find what I look for.

Principle #3
I find what I believe I deserve.

Principle #4
I find that which is like myself.

Principle #5
My thoughts become things.

Principle #6
My words create my world.

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