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Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Power Coaching helps you explore, discover, and develop untapped power and potential to CHANGE.


Through Attitude Science, we don’t just change individuals, but Kit has also developed programs that bring about a culture shift in often dysfunctional institutions: prisons, schools, and churches.

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Peace Behind the Wire

On January 18, 2011, twelve prisoners signed a solemn pledge and set out to see if they could live in peace with the men inside Georgia's most dangerous maximum security prison.
It was a simple but powerful pledge: for forty days they would follow the example of iconic peacemakers and commit themselves to timeless, nonviolent principles. PEACE BEHIND THE WIRE: A NONVIOLENT RESOLUTION chronicles the Power of Peace Project's story as it grew to include prisons, schools, and churches across the United States, even planting seeds of peace inside prisons in South Africa, Mexico, Honduras, and Ukraine. With those initial signatures, POPP was born, and its founder, Kit Cummings, began the journey of bringing peace to those most removed from it. PEACE BEHIND THE WIRE is the fascinating true story of this unlikely band of brothers, and the movement they inspired-one that has become a Teen Peace Phenomenon. Author Kit Cummings's stunning new book asks a simple question: Are you ready for PEACE? *Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Silver Honoree *Winner, 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Honorable Mention for Memoir/Autobiography

Protect the Dream

In Protect the Dream, renowned author and speaker Kit Cummings urges young athletes to be the change they seek. His forty-day plan outlines an actionable route to break unhealthy habits and replace them with the skills and perspective needed to exceed your goals.
Success happens not only on the field, but with your team, in your school, and within your community. In tandem with the Power of Peace Project's Protect the Dream Campaign, this workbook leads athletic programs to fulfill this outreach through powerful messages from iconic coaches and athletes. Each featured highlight is supplemented with thought-provoking exercises meant to encourage team building, character growth, and strong leadership skills. Protect the Dream challenges youth to dream big and never stop. How far will you go?

Forty Days of Prayer

Kit takes you on another forty-day journey, and this time we will seek spiritual breakthrough together with seven new steps that lead us to look for God's answers on a daily basis. Many people pray. Many people even pray daily. And some pray daily and really cry out to God. Why then, are so many "church folks"so stressed, worried and fearful? Why are so many Christians filled with doubt and dread, when they are consistently praying to God? Kit believes that the answer lies in focus and attention or lack thereof. He believes people are sincere and that they really want help. But he also believes that they have fallen into the trap of seeing things the same old way, after years of thinking the same old way, and they are now unable to see God's answers right in front of them. This new project is about opening our eyes and adjusting our lens so that we can see our glorious God doing his powerful work every day.

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