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Jails, Schools, and Churches


Incarceration has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The Power of Peace Project helps men and women behind the walls to find true freedom.


Generation Z is facing a growing number of serious threats. The Power of Peace Project raises up much needed positive role models and student leaders in the hallways, classrooms, and communities.


Millenials are leaving the church in droves. The Power of Peace Project helps congregations come alive and thrive, not merely survive.

POPP Universities

Coaches Testimonials

The first Power of Peace Principle states, “I become what I see,” and oh what a sight this program is. Kit Cummings and his team help light a path to success for the brilliant young minds in this community. This program illustrates the true meaning of guidance in the most powerful and uplifting way. I am so thankful to be a part of this movement.

Shelley Elder

Elder Law Firm

“POPP is making a difference in young people’s lives in a huge way! Kit cummings has a passion for this generation and is making a mark by helping students become WHO they really desire to be, and giving them the HOW! Teams, campuses, and futures are being changed because of the passion of POPP. I am honored to be a part of this movement!”

Mike Linch

Northstar Church Senior Pastor

“Kit has a unique ability to connect with young people and communities that may have been left behind, discounted or forgotten. POPP inspires individuals, groups, and organizations to be the influence and the positive change this world needs. POPP is transforming communities through one young person, one school, and one community at a time. This program is the real deal.”

James Albright

Director of Parks and Recreation of Actworth

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