Kit’s style is engaging, entertaining, and highly inspirational with powerful take-aways. He promises his clients laughter, goosebumps, and maybe even a few tears of hope and courage. Whether delivering motivational keynotes for corporate events, teaching workshops at seminars, or preaching powerful sermons at Church conferences, Kit always comes through for his audiences. Participants leave inspired to rise above the negativity, drama, and worry that is spreading so rapidly in the current market, and focus on what they truly desire rather than what they fear. Your people will learn to dream big dreams, with actionable roadmaps, and to protect those dreams/goals/business plans from the “Dream Killers” your competitors fall prey to. Teams learn to resolve conflict, build stronger unity, and utilize their collective energy to blow past team goals and objectives. Book Kit for your next event, your team will be buzzing about his message, and they will never forget it. Dream a BIG dream for your organization, and Kit will help you achieve it!

Here are a few of Kit’s most popular presentations

 Conflict Reconciliation

* Bringing together difficult team rivals
* Winning your opponent’s trust and respect
* Building unity behind your vision

Anatomy of a Dream
* Constructing your vision
* The powerful pull of a big dream
* Designing your roadmap

The Mind of a Champion
* Understanding your most valuable asset
* Rewiring your brain for your desired destination
* Connecting mind, body, and spirit

Conflict Reconciliation Workshop
* Check out Kit’s Workshop for the Environmental Protection Agency. (Read More)

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