Over Kit’s thirty-year public career he has worked teaching, coaching, and training thousands of people in various industries: churches, schools, prisons, addiction and recovery, athletics, and corporations. Whether it is guiding churches through transition, designing peace movements in dangerous prisons, developing new healthy culture in schools with Generation Z, motivating and inspiring change with corporate teams, or helping to create strategies for local and state government, Kit is well equipped to consult organizations through stressful seasons of change. That’s why he has been appointed to the Georgia House of Representatives Committee on Youth Gangs and Violence Prevention, as well as serving on the Youth Gang Accountability Court with Cobb County Juvenile Courts. Kit has proven and been accepted as an expert in his field. His wheelhouse is all around the area of Conflict Resolution. Conflict is at the heart of disunity, violence, disfunction, and stress. Resolve the conflict in your organization and everything runs more smoothly, productively, and efficiently. Conflict steals power, and Kit has mastered the art of conflict resolution in very dangerous environments with the toughest clients imaginable. He can do the same for your team!