Over Kit’s thirty-year public career he has worked teaching, coaching, and training thousands of people in various industries: corporations, churches, schools, addiction and recovery, athletics, and even prisons. Whether it is guiding churches through transition, building peace projects in dangerous institutions, developing strategies to create healthy school culture, motivating and inspiring change with corporate teams, or helping to design public safety initiatives for local and state government, Kit is very effective consulting organizations through stressful seasons of change. That’s why he was appointed to the Georgia House of Representatives Committee on Youth Gangs and Violence Prevention, as well as serving on the Youth Gang Specialty Court with Cobb County Juvenile Courts. Kit has proven the power of the programs he created, and has emerged as an expert in his field. Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation, and Mediation are his “Wheelhouse.” Conflict is at the heart of disunity, violence, disfunction, and stress. When you resolve the conflicts in your organization, whether individually or collectively, everything runs more smoothly, productively, and efficiently, and EVERYBODY wins. Conflict steals power, and Kit has mastered the art of bringing rivals together in very dangerous environments, with the toughest clients imaginable. He can do the same for your team!

Kit’s Consulting Packages

* High Schools
Kit specializes in shifting school culture away from bullying, exclusion, and objectification to inclusion, acceptance, and compassion. Kit is an expert working with the very unique Generation Z. He inspires them, engages them, builds trust with them, and moves them because he speaks their language. He teaches young people to dream BIG dreams and how to protect those dreams at all costs.

* Small Businesses
Kit is highly skilled and experienced bringing very difficult teams together. He forged his process by effectively bringing rival prison gangs together through his Forty Days to Freedom program inside prisons all across the country. If Kit can bring Crips and Bloods together, literally, what could he do with your team? Conflict resolution and team building are crucial for any team to realize their collective goals, and reach new levels of productivity.

* Churches
After a long, successful ministry career, Kit is well-trained, skilled, and deeply gifted at guiding Church leaders through difficult seasons of change. Is your congregation becoming dull or are they losing their spiritual fervor? Are your congregants exeriencing spiritual fatigue or disunity with their fellow members? Churches are coming alive through these dynamic programs. Kit will light a fire of hope and inspiration!

* College Athletics
Kit has developed powerful programs that train student-athletes to become positive role models to help combat many of the threats our college campuses are facing today. Whether it be bullying/hazing or dating violence; racism, overdose or dangerous pranks, our young people are facing mounting pressure to fit into a dangerous “new normal.” These tested programs are needed now more than ever for these young stand-outs to use their influence for peace. The stakes couldn’t be higher, for they will be leading us one day.

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