Kit’s style is engaging, entertaining, and highly inspirational with powerful take-aways. He promises his clients laughter, goosebumps, and maybe even a few tears of hope and courage. Whether delivering motivational keynotes for corporate events, teaching workshops at universities, or sharing insights through captivating podcasts, Kit’s speaking style is engaging, entertaining, and highly inspirational.


Kit is very relatable, and teaches from experience, not just book knowledge or theory. He has coached some of the toughest clients imaginable, through some of the worst storms in life. Kit’s coaching clients learn to uncover and dismantle the things that are blocking their path to fulfillment.


Over Kit’s thirty-year public career he has worked teaching, coaching, and training thousands of people in various industries: corporations, churches, schools, addiction and recovery, athletics, and even prisons. His extensive experience allows him to offer consultations that will allow you to devise programs that break barriers.


Kit Cummings’ podcast is an extraordinary resource for anyone seeking personal and professional growth. With his unique blend of empathy, understanding, and practical strategies, Kit offers a wealth of knowledge and experiences to help listeners overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential.