Kit’s style is engaging, entertaining, and highly inspirational with powerful take-aways. He promises his clients laughter, goosebumpas, and maybe even a few tears of hope and courage.


Kit is very relatable, and teaches from experience, not just book knowledge or theory. Kit’s coaching clients learn to uncover and dismantle the things that are blocking their power and stealing their motivation and drive.


Over Kit’s thirty-year public career he has worked teaching, coaching, and training thousands of people in various industries: corporations, churches, schools, addiction and recovery, athletics, and even prisons. He can do the same for your team!

Leadership Development

Kit is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full leadership potential and become exceptional leaders in their respective fields. Invest in your leadership potential today and unlock a world of opportunities.


Kit Cummings offers transformative workshops that inspire and empower individuals to unleash their full potential. With a dynamic and engaging approach, Kit's workshops are designed to ignite personal growth and foster positive change.

Conflict Resolution

Through transformative conflict resolution workshops, we empower individuals and cultivate lasting peace. Kit inspires participants to embrace empathy, communication, and collaboration, creating a foundation for effective conflict resolution in any setting.

Kit delivers his thought-provoking perspectives on mental health, addiction, and incarceration, especially as it pertains to youth, as well as other relevant, firebrand issues. He also shares his twelve-year journey working within the schools, juvenile courts, juvenile prisons, and with law enforcement. With a wide variety of guests, Kit digs deep into these fascinating topics to share solutions and success stories of how peace paved the way to lasting change for so many who have experienced the Power of Peace Project. He aims to shatter the stigmas surrounding mental illness, addiction, and incarceration, as well as other issues dividing our nation.