Kit is very relatable, and teaches from experience, not just book knowledge, although he does hold a Master’s Degree. His coaching clients learn to uncover and dismantle the things that are blocking their power and stealing their motivation and drive. Together, they build a roadmap to where they want to arrive, and simply follow their internal GPS to their dreams. The key to his approach is called Power Coaching, and the platform that Kit created is called Attitude Science. Business plans fail because of a lack of follow-through (power) and sincere desire is blocked by internal messages that are not in line with what you say you want. This is the study of attitude, and how adjusting the lens through which we see opportunities, threats, possibilities, and the future can radically alter your behaviors and mindset. Through Kit’s Power Coaching program utilizing his Attitude Science platform, his clients break the chains that bind them, and they are set free to chase their wildest dreams with true passion and POWER.