Kit is very relatable, and teaches from experience, not just book knowledge or theory. He has coached some of the toughest clients imaginable, through some of the worst storms in life. Kit’s coaching clients learn to uncover and dismantle the things that are blocking their power and stealing their motivation and drive.

Together, they build a roadmap to where they want to be, and intentionally program the internal GPS to arrive at the destination of their dreams. The key to his approach is called Power Coaching, and the platform that Kit created is called Attitude Science. Business plans fail because of a lack of follow-through (power) and sincere desire is blocked by internal messages that are not in line with what you say you want.

Attitude Science is the study of how we see the world, and how adjusting our lens through which we view opportunities, threats, possibilities, and the future can radically alter our behaviors and mindset. Through Kit’s Power Coaching program utilizing his Attitude Science platform, his clients break through barriers and obstacles, and are set free to chase their wildest dreams with true passion and POWER.

Kit’s Coaching Programs and Forty-Day Projects


  • Professional Coaching Package: Forty Days of Purpose
    Break through the Barriers which are holding you back in your business and career. Low Drive, Poor Follow-Through, Laziness, Procrastination, Lack of Purpose, Low Energy, No Passion, Unproductive Habits, Lack of Discipline, and more. We will tackle whatever is holding you back from being the very best version of yourself!


  • Spiritual Coaching Package: Forty Days of Prayer
    Break through the Barriers which are holding you back spiritually. Blaming, Complaining, Excuse-making, Hypocrisy, Prejudice, Self-Righteousness, Bitterness, and more. We will dismantle destructive habits and rebuild a sound foundation. Go to a place spiritually that you have never been before!


  • Athletic Coaching Package: Forty Days of Power
    Break through the Barriers which are holding you back athletically. Learn to discipline the mind and win the mental battle before you ever take the field. Learn to access that elusive “Zone” that you hear great athletes talk about, as you connect Mind, Body, and Spirit. Realize your true power and unlimited potential! (also available for Coaches)


  • Addiction & Recovery Coaching Package: Forty Days to Freedom
    Break through the barriers that are holding you back from true freedom, health, and happiness. With a background in addiction and recovery, Kit coaches from experience rather than mere theory. Let’s define addiction as anything you wish to stop, but are unable to. Most addicts in recovery relapse because they attempt to delete a negative behavior without replacing it with a healthy one. The result is fighting this battle with nothing more than will-power which is exhausting and unsustainable.  Time for a lasting breakthrough!


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